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All-in-One VoIP Softswitch for Competitive Service Providers

VoIP Softswitch

The IPsmarx Softswitch is a versatile all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates all the tools service providers need to deliver, manage and bill for a wide range of competitive VoIP services. A customizable and scalable solution, the IPsmarx Softswitch adapts to the provider’s brand and business model, scales as they grow and allows providers to manage resellers and agents. The platform is managed from a central web user-interface that gives service providers precise control over their operations using a suite of advanced monitoring and system management tools.


We are pleased to announce the release of WD Telecom(wdtel.com) (demo available on- billing.wdtel.com) billing for VoipSwitch from the Software house of WD Telecom. In WD Tel you will find lots of new and improved features as you'd expect. WD Tel is developed with PHP and fully secure and customized billing solution for VoipSwitch.

  • Intuitive Interface, Fast Loading, Quick Setup & Efficient Support
  • Customized VoipSwitch web portal
  • Included all existing VoipSwitch features
  • Export and Import features for Rates Plan
  • Compatible with all major browsers included with any mobile phone browser
  • Export Reports and CDR downloads facility in csv or excel format
  • Client & Admin Passwords stored as irreversible md5 hash values to prevent passwords being reversed
  • Automated Database Backups ensure you will never lose your clients data by having backups FTP'd to a remote server or emailed to you

Intelligent VoIP Call Management and Routing

Using the IPsmarx Softswitch, service providers can deliver a wide range of competitive VoIP services, including residential, mobile and wholesale. Call Management features include:

Carrier Grade Compatibility and Reliability
Carrier Failover Support
Unlimited Endpoint Carrier Support

Control Revenue and Costs with Integrated Billing

With powerful billing and invoicing features, service providers gain the accuracy and control they need to reduce costs and maximize revenue.

Integrated RADIUS-based Billing
Advanced Taxation System
Flexible Payment Options with Prepaid and Postpaid Support