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Call & VoIP termination solution

Manha TELECOM is a complex solution for GSM termination also called as VoIP termination business. Whether you are a profy looking to expand your business or a newbie looking for new business opportunities, Manha TELECOM equipment and software can fully satisfy your needs and expectations.

Due to the module-based structure, flexible configuration which allows the product to meet any needs and requirements, Manha TELECOM solution can be implemented for effective calls termination either in large or in small volumes.

What is call/VoIP termination?

Call termination or VoIP termination is a beneficial business for converting VoIP signal into GSM. This is done by means of VoIP-GSM gateway with simbox and customer traffic, that are both provided by Manha TELECOM. It works really simple. Once set-up and installed, Manha TELECOM will start sending traffic to your GSM gateway. You will get money for every converted phone call. Simple as it is. The more sim cards you have in a box, the more you can earn.

Call & VoIP termination solution


GSM gateway

Manha TELECOM GSM Gateway (VoIP gateway) consists of up to 15 GSM Boards per one universal 3U sub-rack. Each GSM board supports 2 channels, i.e. simultaneous calls.

SIM box

SIM box (simbox) device holds a bundle of SIM cards separately from VoIP/GSM gateway in order to minimize the maintenance expenses and solving the SIM blocking problem.

SIM server

SIM server software is a SIM manager software designed to avoid sim blocking. It brings you the highest level of control over your SIM boxes and GSM gateways and helps to minimize your operating expenses.

SMS gateway

Manha TELECOM SMS gateway is an ideal tool for sending mass SMS messages from a leading Euro-pean manufacturer of premium gateways. Automatic delivery of SMS is the perfect way to keep in touch with them and find new ones.


ServiceManha telecon
IqSIMHypermedia 2N SIMberry Topex
IT support team Yes Yes Yes no Yes no
Anti SIM blocking software Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal VoIP specialist Yes no no no no no
Personal education Yes Yes no no no no
Business consulting Yes no no no no no






Manha TELECOM equipment is a high quality hardware that can be integrated by various configurations that depend on the region of call termination, period of return of investment and client’s budget. Our VoIP hardware (VoIP equipment) is flexible and scalable – module-based solution to start fast and expand business.

GSM and SIM boards are installed in individual bearing blocks at different locations. It solves the issue of bypassing ANTI FRAUD systems of mobile operators by live subscriber’s behavior imitation. It extends the security level and substantively reduces the risks, increasing profits and economizing money on support. This is a perfect solution for termination of large volumes of voice traffic.

We connect providers, telecom companies and resellers (in the VoIP field it is called interconnect) which provide us with the most competitive rates to all destinations around the world. Adding just a small margin, we resell the routes to operators and companies providing services for consumers.
Our equipment includes the solution against blocking SIM cards. This software avoids blocking SIM cards as by standard human behavior activity so adjusting scripts for building custom configuration.

Our technical support department provides our clients with full range of services regarding GSM termination. Our technical support department provides our clients with full range of services regarding GSM termination. Purchasing our equipment, you get a whole business, not just a box with electronics. We are interested in long-term partnerships.

Therefore we guarantee the quality of our solution and support. We are interested in success of your VoIP termination business. We provide technical support for free on the stages of installing, launching and growth of your call termination business project.

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